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Morning Links: 5/21/14

We help you get through hump days with some Morning Links.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

New York Red Bulls

Mike Petke thinks that Thierry Henry won't miss any matches due to his TV duty with BBC during the World Cup.


This may or may not be a sign of the league growing in reputation, but MLS has supplied the 8th most number of players in World Cup squads.

It looks like Toronto FC's Julio Cesar will be heading back to Queens Park Rangers after the World Cup.

Eddie Johnson wasn't named to the US Roster. How did he celebrate? He got suspended for a game.

US Soccer

In the "Why Do We Need This?" portion of the morning links, Lupe Fiasco has been named "Music Director and Futura Art Director" for the USMNT Send Off Series.

Want to make some good money? Make the US roster for Brazil.

NBC's Pro Soccer Talk takes a look at what success will be for the World Cup.

Jozy Altidore looks set for another year at Sunderland, despite not playing a lot towards the end of the year.


Over at the MLS Subreddit, there's an interesting discussion on who the best American soccer announcer is.

Italy is apparently the only country that will not have squad members that ply their trade in England.

Yaya Toure's agent was being interviewed by Sky Sports and turned the crazy up to 11.