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Three Thoughts: Red Bulls vs. Timbers post-game wrap-up

The Red Bulls fall to the Portland Timbers 2-1 and are officially on a losing streak.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

It's official...

...The Red Bulls are on a losing streak. The saying goes once it's a disaster, twice it's a coincidence and three times it's a trend. Well, the Red Bulls have lost their last three games.

They'll have the chance to either end it or extend it mid-week against Sporting Kansas City, but things aren't looking good. Even when they get the better chances, they'll take too many touches or just plain miss. Meanwhile, all it takes is one lapse from their porous defense for their opponents to rack up goals.

Substitutions: Too little too late

Already down two key players -- Tim Cahill and Roy Miller, both getting ready for the World Cup -- and an away game Tuesday, you'd think Head Coach Mike Petke would apply substations liberally, especially playing the last 15 minutes down a goal.

But he didn't. He put Ruben Bover on the field, who nearly created a goal, but that was it. He put Kosuke Kimura and Andre Akpan in, but neither had enough time to actually do anything, entering the game near stoppage time.

This has become a trend with Petke. He's loath to make subs and when he does, they don't have a ton of time to make an impact. It's concerning

Chris Duvall

The one bright spot tonight: Chris Duvall.

The rookie out of Wake Forest looked like a seasoned MLSer. He was calm and confident on the ball, hit a few good crosses and his overlap play was great.

There was a lot of headscratching over Duvall's selection -- some thought the Red Bulls reached for him -- but credit to the scouting department, it looks like they've got someone here.