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Cosmos-Red Bulls Open Cup match set: NOW we can start talking about it

After jumping the gun a bit, we can now make Cosmos-Red Bulls a Big Deal.

Mike Zarrilli

Last week we kindly asked that the more professional media wing back off Cosmos-Red Bulls Open Cup talk, seeing as not only was the match not set, but there were plenty of games in between to talk about.

Well, the Cosmos beat up on the Brooklyn Italians tonight at St. John's, 2-0 with a few Italians getting ejected, so now it's official: The New York Red Bulls and the New York Cosmos will meet in the Open Cup's fourth round June 14 at Shaurt Stadium.

We can, officially, make it a Big Deal. So go ahead, talk it up on Twitter, start shit talking on Facebook, shove some recorders in Mike Petke and Giovanni Savarese's faces to ask them questions about it, start making tifo. The whole nine yards.