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Player Ratings: Week 9

In which we once again assign a number between one and ten to each player in order to arbitrarily rank the value of their performance.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Don't look now, but the New York Red Bulls are officially on an undefeated streak.   Not only have our boys in white managed to win nine points out of their last four matches, but they also grabbed their first road win of the season after beating FC Dallas in Frisco.    It was far from pretty, in fact, it was just about as boring a match as you're likely to see, but three points is three points.  So let's take a look at how the fellas played in the win at Dallas.

Starting Eleven:

Luis Robles - 8 (MOTM): We're running out of nice things to say about the job Robles has been doing between the sticks this season.  Unquestionably saved the game with a number of stops, but none so important as the PK save against Blas Perez.  Man of the match by a wide margin.

Kosuke Kimura - 5: A decent match for the right back.  He's been handling his business and playing well enough to keep the starting spot.  Nothing flashy, but Kimura once again got the job done.

Armando - 5: Armando still has an annoying tendency to rely on back passes, but there's little doubt the Spanish defender is starting to get a feel for the league.  It's been what, twenty minutes since his last card?  Not bad!

Jamison Olave - 6: Olave was going to get a five, but that might make him mad....if you think we're just gonna go around making Olave mad all willy-nilly like, you're out of your mind.   He gets a six and if you don't like it, you can take it up with him yourself.  In all seriousness, Olave is quietly having another solid season and last Sunday was no different. One of the best centerbacks in MLS.

Roy Miller - 6: It's almost like we're in the middle of a World Cup year and Roy Miller thinks he has a shot of playing for Costa Rica.  .....what's that?   It is and he does?   Well then it makes perfect sense that Miller is having the best season of his RBNY career.   Anyone else secretly hoping for one more classic Miller melt down so that we won't have to rely on Bobby Convey come June?

Lloyd Sam - 5: For the first time all year, Lloyd Sam appears human.  It was hot in Frisco and the heat took it's toll on Sam.  Not a bad match by any means, but certainly not the all star performance we've been getting from the English winger all season long.

Dax McCarty - 5: Dax's game improved drastically after Luyindula was subbed onto the midfield, which helped him connect a sweet little pass to spring Henry on the only goal of the match.  Still, before the sub, Dax was a turnover machine.  His passing hasn't been consistent this season and the trend continued on Sunday.

Tim Cahill - 4: Cahill just needs some more time to get fit.  He clearly isn't up to 2013 form just yet, but he'll get there.  That said, this wasn't a great return to the pitch for the Australian.

Tim Cahill's groin - 9.3: Drawing the early red after suffering a studs up challenge, the old groin was responsible for allowing New York to play a man up for the rest of the match.

Eric Alexander - 5: Just an average day for Alexander, he biffed on a golden opportunity to put one away early and was largely invisible for the rest of the match.

Bradley Wright-Phillips - 7: BWP's scoring blitz continues!  Tapping one in after a completely unselfish pass from Henry, Wright-Phillips is making the point that maybe he's worth the extra zeros in his paycheck.  Making all the right runs, stretching the defense and allowing Titi room to create, BWP is on his way to an allstar season.

Thierry Henry - 7.5: It had to be tough for Mike Petke to leave Henry out on the pitch for a full ninety in the Texas heat, but the decision paid off.  Henry had a solid match, but the calm and unselfish display he showed on the only goal of the game was outstanding.  He might not have the pace, but the smarts are still there and that's all he needs to make it work.


Peguy Luyindula - 6.5: Peguy brings a completely different look to the midfield when he's out on the pitch.  Clearly, he's not a ninety minute player for every match, but used correctly, he can break a game wide open.  He once again showed that center mid is where he belongs.

Jonny Steele - 5: Steele didn't do anything wrong...but he didn't do anything to get noticed either.   He filled in well enough with an average game.

Ibrahim Sekagya - 5: Brought in for an injured Roy Miller, Sekagya did a fine job staying back and defending the lead until the final whistle.

Mike Petke - 6.5: This probably wasn't the best game to work Cahill into the starting lineup.  The decision not to sub Peguy in immediately after the half was a little confusing as well.  The French midfielder would have helped a lot in maintaining possession and forcing a short handed Dallas into chasing the ball and wearing themselves out.  Still, his substitutions worked and got the job done.


Steve Cangialosi - 15: Cangialosi is a gem of a human being and we should all thank our lucky stars to have a prince of his ilk calling play by play for the Red Bulls.

Shep Messing - 2: In what world?  In WHAT WORLD, SHEP, is that not a red card?   You saw the exact same slow motion, studs to the pills challenge as the rest of us.  How on Earth could you say that was the wrong call.  Not good enough, Shep.  Not good enough at all.