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Morning Links: 6/10/14

T-minus 2 days until the World Cup...

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

New York Red Bulls

Mike Petke used the turf at Gillette Stadium to motivate his team.


Simon Borg breaks down the week's calls in Instant Replay, without talking about one call from the Red Bulls game on Sunday.

US Soccer

Klinsmann either doesn't trust his scouts or just wanted to see it for himself, but the United States landed in Brazil without him, as he was scouting Ghana.

Ghana's 4-0 win over South Korea probably takes a little out of the US' sails.


Nike keeps killing it in terms of soccer ads. Here's their latest.

Brad Friedel will get one more year with English side Tottenham Hotspur.

So, Qatar bribery claims are fueled by racism? That's what Sepp Blatter is claiming.