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The entirety of New York has officially come down with World Cup Fever

We stuck a thermometer in Mike Francesa's mouth and his temperature is up there.

New York officially has World Cup fever.

How do we know? Is it the fact New York had the second highest rating for yesterday's Ghana-U.S. game? Because hundreds packed bars across the city to watch? Or do we know because there was a pitch invasion during a viewing party at Red Bull Arena?

No, no and no.

We know because the biggest name in New York sports radio, and avowed soccer hater, Mike Francesa has taken an interest in our little game.

Now -- and I think, as opinionated as he is, even he'd admit this -- Francesa's understanding of the game is a bit...rudimentary. Watch above as Francesa is shocked that the world's best players can kick with both feet while talking to one of the country's winningest college soccer coaches in St. John's Dave Masur.

I don't post this to be mean and berate those whose understanding is judged to be less nuanced than my own (unlike an unnamed local media personality), I do it to point out that we all start somewhere with this game and that we all really ought to help out Francesa in his appreciation of soccer.

So go ahead and call. I'm sure he'd love to talk to you about the World Cup on his show, and maybe even MLS when the tournament finishes up! The number is (877) 337-6666.