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Tim Cahill scores ridiculous goal to bring Australia level in what could be his last World Cup game

It was a great goal. Unfortunately, it could be his last.

Quinn Rooney

Australia isn't supposed to beat the Netherlands, so when they went conceded in the 20th minute, it was hardly a surprise.

But right off the kick-off, Tim Cahill got the Aussies right back into it with a great volley goal that's being compared to some of the best World Cup goals of all time.



It was his second of the tournament, after rising up over the Chile defense to head home Australia's last week in classic Cahill fashion.

And much like the Chile game, Cahill got himself a yellow card a few minutes after scoring, bringing his disciplinary record level with his goal total. His yellow this afternoon was a bit more cut and dry than the first, but nevertheless, Cahill will miss the group stage finale against Spain.

Right now -- at halftime during the Australia-Netherlands game Australia is still alive, depending on how the rest of the games go. It's still a long shot Cahill and company will make it to the knockout stages, though.

And given Cahill's age (he turned 34 in December) we might be watching the last 45 minutes of his World Cup career.

So enjoy it. Maybe he's got a little bit of magic left to help lift his country.