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Morning Links: 6/23/14

After a USMNT World Cup hangover, the cure is Morning Links!

Kevin C. Cox

US Soccer

In an exciting match that ended 2-2, the United States clearly outplayed Portugal.

SB Nation's Kevin McCauley calls the result against Portugal a fair gut punch.

Klinsmann has a problem with the US' schedule ahead of Germany, and he's not wrong.

Reddit user Barthez_Battalionasks if Micahel Bradley's performances are a result of being used out of position.

World Cup

SB Nation has a wrap up of yesterday's World Cup action.

England takes on Costa Rica in their final group game, and it's the "most important meaningless" game.

Algeria beat South Korea 4-2 to win their first World Cup game since 1982.


Ghana is now involved in a match fixing scandal of future friendlies.