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Red Bull Rant 102: Pat & Truman’s relatively decent adventure

After a Red Bulls bye week, the boys are back to bring you up to speed.

Mick Foley approves the Red Bull Rant.
Mick Foley approves the Red Bull Rant.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Jason, Pat, & Truman are back after a New York Red Bulls off week to talk about a game Red Bull Arena did host, the United States vs Turkey, and the pulse of the fans that Pat & Truman went to find. They take a look at the Red Bull Rant fantasy league. Next they look at Dax McCarty going under the knife and how that leads the Red Bulls to adjust the lineup against the New England Revolution. After that, they talk about serenading bees, who would be who if RBR was the A-Team, and the biggest heel turn in WWE for a long time.

WARNING: The Red Bull Rant is a free flowing conversation about soccer that may include adult language or topics. Listener discretion is advised.

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