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Thierry Henry's first assist for New York Red Bulls

The footage of Henry's first assist for RBNY is elusive no longer...

Fret no more, Titi - it has been found
Fret no more, Titi - it has been found
Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

As mentioned in an earlier post, finding actual footage of RBNY's newly crowned (joint) all-time assist leader's first ever assist for the team isn't as easy as...well...things that are easy.

But it is out there.

Big thanks to the man known to Twitter, and quite possibly friends and family, as Douglas Bailey for unearthing these highlights from a part of YouTube this author could not reach.

If you watch the tape, you'll see it was a good cross, though one wonders whether MLS would have been willing to credit Thierry Henry with an assist on a different day: the goal is scored because Juan Pablo Angel pounces on a flubbed interception.

Still, the ball is only clanging around the unfortunate Dynamo defender's legs because Henry put it there.

As a great man once said, let us not seek out "dubious technicalities" to deny ourselves the pleasures of the game.

Thanks again to Mr. Bailey for salvaging this moment of RBNY history. And, once more: congrats, Titi.