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Player Ratings: Week 15

In which we continue to assign numbers between 1-10 in order to rate the quality of New York's play.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

After a long World Cup break, the New York Red Bulls got back into the MLS regular season with a draw at home against an impressive Toronto FC.   Let's take a look at how the guys did.

Starting Eleven

Luis Robles - 7: Toronto decided to take the game to New York and take it fast.   Thankfully, the Red Bulls' keeper was ready for it.  Robles made a few key saves early in the first half and continued to have a solid performance throughout the match.  Toronto may have scored twice, but Robles can't be held responsible for either of their world class goals.

Ambroise Oyongo - 5: The young, Cameroonian defender notched his first MLS start on Friday night and didn't disappoint.   Yes, he had a fair share of gaffs, but for a first time starter, looked promising as a stop gap on the left while Roy Miller is still in Brazil.

Matt Miazga - 7: It's pretty safe to say that, at this point, Miazga has locked down a starting spot on New York's back line.   The home grown defender had his biggest test of the season going up against Jermain Defoe and handled it with aplomb, shutting the the English striker down on more than one occasion.   He also got the "secondary assist" on the game saving goal.  Not a bad match for Miazga.

Jamison Olave - 5: Olave wasn't at his best on Friday night, but Olave not at his best is still an average performance for a center back in MLS.

Chris Duvall - 6: The rookie right back continues to impress with his athleticism and ability.   It's great to see Duvall living up to the task, but it also raises some concerns about New York's off season moves.   Does anyone even remember Richard Eckersley at this point?

Eric Alexander - 3: The Red Bulls' midfield is a complete mess right now.   A lot of that has to do with Mike Petke's insistence on leaving Alexander on the pitch.   Starting the game on the left, Alexander was all over the field on Friday night, and not in a good way.   Toronto's first goal was largely due to his inability to close down Domonic Oduro.

Peguy Luyindula - 6: Luyindula is the only player in New York's midfield that doesn't panic with the ball at his feet.   More of the excellent hold up and distribution that we've come to expect.

Ibrahim Sekagya - 5: Sekagya is an okay solution while Dax McCarty is out with an injury, but it won't be too long until his slowness and questionable decision making rear their ugly heads once again.  Get better soon, Dax...please.

Lloyd Sam - 6: At this point, Sam is one of the few consistently good players on this team.

Thierry Henry - 6: It looks like Henry is dead set on dropping back and playing a creative, rather than a finishing roll.   He does it well, but his age is becoming more and more apparent.

Bradley Wright-Phillips - 6: It cannot be understated just how important it was for BWP to score on Friday night.   A long break in action can be kryptonite to a forward on a hot streak.  Netting a game saving goal at the dying seconds of a match will go a long way in keeping his form alive.


Tim Cahill - 8: So I guess the next time Cahill starts falling into a rut we just need to send him off to a World Cup?   Came into the match as a late game sub and immediately changed things for the better.  Welcome back, [real] captain.

Jonny Steele - 4:  It's becoming more and more evident why Steele lost his starting spot on this team.  Once in the game, he didn't do much besides sky away some crosses and kick the ball out of bounds.  He does run hard, we'll give him that.


Mike Petke - 4: Petke's tactics are confusing, his subs are confusing, his starting lineup choices are confusing, his reliance on under performing players is confusing.......we could really go on all day, but do we need to?