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About that DaMarcus Beasley rumor... Apparently he's headed to Houston

Steven Goff is reporting the World Cup vet is headed to Houston.

Laurence Griffiths

A few minutes ago, Steven Goff who works the Beasley soccer beat for the Washington Post published a story on DaMarcus Beasley's imminent singing with the Houston Dynamo.

Earlier today, we thought the New York Red Bulls had a shot at Beasley, what with their needs on the left, their apparent clearing of cap space, their open designated player slot, and their shunning of Martin Woods.

But that doesn't seem to be happening as per Goff's report.

In our earlier post, we figured the Dynamo, who only have to designated players, one of who is young (which carries a smaller cap hit), would be out of the running. That and this from coach Dominic Kinnear who flat out said the Dynamo weren't really looking to add anybody this summer.

But Goff writes that Beasley and the Dynamo have been in talks since the U.S. was bounced from the World Cup by Belgium, so clearly they see this as a special case.

There is still, as Goff mentions, the hurdle the Dynamo have to jump to get Beasley in an orange shirt. Whether the allocation order applies here is anyone's guess, as it seems to only apply in certain cases.