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In retaliation for Arsenal's video, Red Bulls try out their English accents

After Arsenal's video earlier in the week, it only logically follows that the Red Bulls would try out their English accents. It went about as well as you expected.

Arsenal is coming to New York and, as part of their trip, they decided to try on some New York accents apparently learned via Friends, Fran Drescher and that painfully awful Geico ad they play during Yankees games.

It worked just about as well as I imagine their pizza does: Not particularly.

So, naturally, the New York Red Bulls had to retaliate with their own linguistic broadside, seen above this story. At least Connor Lade can kind of sort of pull it off. A little. Kind of.

But, hey, at least we can all take solace in the fact that, while we can't do each other's accents, there are far worse ones out there. Like Boston. Or Minnesota.