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What we know and what we don't: Arsenal FC

In which we examine Arsenals first visit to the United States in over twenty years.

Richard Heathcote

In 2011, the New York Red Bulls traveled to London in order to take part in the time honored tradition of the Emirates Cup.   New York found a way to win the "tournament" by beating French side Paris Saint-Germain and drawing English club, Arsenal.  The Red Bulls won one of their first pieces of silverware (it counts, right?) and enjoyed the long flight back home...unless we're talking about Frank Rost.  He had a miserable flight.   Now Arsenal is making the trip over the Atlantic in order to play the Red Bulls in Red Bull Arena....and they're looking for revenge....or maybe just to earn some scratch during a meaningless, preseason friendly.

Here's what we know:

That's the sound of Red Bull season ticket holder's wallets getting flush with cold, hard, stinky, wet cash.  Keeping in mind that Arsenal hasn't been to this country in quite some time, paired with the fact that the west London team is one of the most supported English sides in the US, and that this Saturday's match is their only US appearance this year,  Red Bull fans have been able to unload their tickets for upwards of $400.  Folks selling multiple tickets have managed to make some serious cabbage on top of paying off next years season tickets.

  • This couldn't come at a worse time.
This game will be aired nationally on ESPN2.  The last time the Red Bulls played on national television they laid a big old egg in Philadelphia.  Don't expect this Saturday to be any different.   Falling on the heels of a two match week in which Red Bull coach Mike Petke openly admitted that his team was gassed, this weekend would have been a great time to get the boys some much needed rest.  As luck would have it, a super high profile club is coming to town in order to jog around the pitch and earn some stupid money.   Since it's nationally broadcast, Petke is going to feel the need to play some of his starters for at least forty-five minutes in hopes that they'll take the game more seriously than the LA Galaxy did in their match against Manchester United. Oof,  difficult to watch.

  • Good chance to see some old, familiar faces.
Connor Lade, Ruben Bover, Michael Bustamante, Ryan Meara....this is your shot.  If you guys don't manage a win over Arsenal reserves that are paid fourteen times the salary as you, you're off the team.

Here's what we don't know:

  • Is anyone taking this game seriously?
According to the answers Mike Petke and Thierry Henry gave in yesterday's press conference, the answer is no.

  • During which minute will RBNY announce their newest Designated Player signing?
Thanks to our rock solid sources, is happy to break the news that the New York Red Bulls will be announcing their newest DP signing sometime during the match.   We bet it will happen sometime in the fifty-seventh minute, just after Arsenal goes up 5-2.