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Could the Red Bulls sign Ronaldinho?

Apparently, the idea is out there.

Steve Bardens

The New York Red Bulls have been lying low lately, with more players leaving the floundering Supporter's Shield holders than coming up.

They've parted ways with Jonny Steele, loaned out Ian Christianson and Connor Lade and have only brought on French defender Damien Perrinelle.

Not that there hasn't been some talk. When news the Red Bulls were close to bringing Perrinelle on board, the New York Post's Brian Lewis reported sporting director Andy Roxburgh thought he had a shiny, new designated player on board, but he opted to stay putStability wast the name of the game in making personnel moves over the winger, according to Roxburgh in a story by Kristian Dyer at Big Apple Soccer.

But apparently the Red Bulls have some feelers out there. Ives Galarcep, writing at, reports that the Red Bulls met with two-time World Player of the Year during the World Cup, but "there were no serious conversations about having Ronaldinho join the Red Bulls at that time." Buttress that with this tweet from soccer writer/broadcaster Juan Arango that says Ronaldinho's brother (his agent, thank God) was in New York and that the move could happen.

Ronaldinho was released by Atletico Mineiro earlier this month. In the past, he's been linked with the LA Galaxy back in 2011 when he was leaving AC Milan.

This would satisfy the Red Bulls need for a true creative midfielder, which they haven't had since Armando Guevara and give them some star power that would either convince Thierry Henry to stay in New York or replace him if he retires.

Of course, there is the issue with age -- he's 34 -- and how they'd fit him into the line-up.

But it'd be hard to say no to a player known as one of the most skilled ever, who's won the World Cup, La Liga, Serie A and the Copa Libertadores, as well as a litany of individual awards. It's a move where you find a way to put him in the line-up.

Of course, this could end up being nothing. But if it happens, thoughts?