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Martin Woods joins the Red Bulls on trial

The Red Bulls have brought on a third trialist, this time, Scottish international Martin Woods.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

For those less-than-enthused about the two trialists who joined the New York Red Bulls yesterday, Brazilian midfielder Diego Sousa Xavier and French center back Damien Perrinelle, this one should make everyone a bit happier: The Red Bulls have brought Scottish international Martin Woods into camp.

Woods isn't a big name, but he fits the profile of a Lloyd Sam or Bradley Wright-Phillips. Like Sam and Wright-Phillips, Woods spent a good chunk of his career in England's Championship. His most recent stint came with Barnsley, who fought, unsuccessfully, against the drop. Before that, it appears he spent the better part of four years with Doncaster Roversbouncing between free agency and employment toward the end.

He also spent time in the Leeds United academy and with Sunderland.

There's not much you can glean from the video above, but Woods, if he signs, would shore up the left midfield position currently occupied by Eric Alexander. Alexander, unable to find his 2013 form, has been a bit of a disappointment this season, and Jonny Steele hasn't been much better.

Like with Xavier and Perrinelle, whether or not Woods signs is contingent on whatever cap space the Red Bulls might have available. Right now, they have a considerable chunk of change tied up in players who are out-of-favor.