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The Ronaldinho rumors just won't quit: Report from Brazil says he's close

Like the Xavi Saga earlier this year, the Ronaldinho rumors just won't quit.

Lars Baron

So now that the domestic press corps have the New York Red Bulls pulling out of the race for Ronaldinho, the press down in Brazil can jump on it.

A report from UOL Sporthas Ronaldinho close to signing a deal worth roughly $3 million.

Yesterday, Big Apple Soccer reported that Ronaldinho was out of play, that the Red Bulls talks with the Brazilian star weren't serious and that he was seeking a $4 million salary that had teams balking.

But if this report is to be believed, Ronaldinho has lowered his asking price enough that the Red Bulls are ready to pull the trigger.

Their evidence for this is that he's met with the Red Bulls, which, we've already mentioned as taking place during the World Cup (and have since been dismissed by the Big Apple Soccer report).

Now, it's possible talks have picked up again, since Ronaldinho realizes the league isn't going to kowtow to him simply because of his name, like it likely would have when he was connected with the LA Galaxy just a few years ago. If he's readjusted his expectations, he could very well be in a Red Bulls shirt soon.

But we don't know how legit UOL Sport is or how good their information is. So this could be something, or it could be complete bullshit. Do with this what you will.