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Will RBNY's new training field lead to USL Pro?

The Red Bulls got approval for an expansion of their training facilities in Hanover, NJ.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Hanover Eagle is reporting that the New York Red Bulls have been approved for an expansion of their existing training facility in Hanover, NJ. The Red Bulls Hanover complex was first approved back in 2009, and was opened last June, marking their departure from Montclair State University as their training grounds.

The Planning Board approved a new grass practice field with bleachers and field lighting and a new 7,500 square foot building with locker rooms on June 17 for the Major League Soccer Red Bulls on June 17.

The bleachers will hold about 700 people. The locker room will have public restrooms. Screening around the field will be eight to 10 feet high and built on fencing bringing the total height to 24 feet.

The field, listed as the "D" field, will also include a press box attached to the bleachers, a scoreboard and two ticket booths.

On it's own, this seems like a massive upgrade to the training facility that might allow for U-23 & Reserve League matches to finally allow fans to attend. When you couple it with news from earlier this year that the Red Bulls are planning to launch a USL Pro team, this fits the plans. 700 fans might be a little small for a USL Pro team, but in the first few years, I would suspect that it'll be a good fit, especially with the press box that is approved, it's all pointing to the rumored team.

Do you think the new field will lead to a USL Pro team? Would you be willing to go out to Hanover to watch? Let us know in the comments.