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Man down: Bobby Convey gone for September

One more guy who wasn't playing much now won't be playing at all for a little while...

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Convey's mysterious absence from the past few training sessions still isn't entirely explained, but the New York Red Bulls have at least provided a reason for his most likely missing out on the team's entire September schedule: he will be rehabbing his nose.

A statement on the club's website broke good news: Convey has successfully had a deviated septum repaired. And also not so good news: he'll be out for three to five weeks.

(What's that? You had no idea he was scheduled to miss one of the last two months of the regular season? Well, this is at least a consistent pattern of communications from RBNY.)

It is not for this site to speculate about the severity of Bobby Convey's respiratory problems. Perhaps he'll be a new man with his newly reorganized nasal cavity.

The general consensus would appear to be this is his first and last season as a Red Bull. He has played regularly (13 appearances, 9 starts; most recent appearance - off the bench for the last 10 minutes of the 1-0 road loss to Chicago on August 10) without contributing a great deal by way of highlights. No goals, no assists, no special individual moments.

Indeed, it was rumored the club was actively seeking to trade him earlier this summer.

It is unlikely many clubs are looking for bench option with a busted nose, so RBNY will presumably hang on to Convey for the rest of this year. He should be fit, and breathing more easily, in time for the team's October schedule.

His route back to the field is now blocked by Ambroise Oyongo, the preferred deputy to Roy Miller at left back and staking a claim to be a starter at left wing. But even if Convey never sees another minute for RBNY, he can claim a lasting, positive contribution to this team's year: in the trade for his services, the Red Bulls also swapped 2014 SuperDraft picks with Toronto FC; Chris Duvall was the player selected with the pick acquired, and he is proving more important than expected to this season.

So thank you, Bobby. And get well soon. Hope to see you back ahead of schedule.