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Red Bulls at the All-Star Game: Wright-Phillips' blooter, Henry's send-off

The Red Bulls had a big showing at last night's All-Star Game.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, Handshake Gate will overshadow the entertaining friendly last like between the MLS All-Stars and Bayern Munich, but while everyone's focusing on sportsmanship (or lackthereof), let's take a minute to relive two big moments from last night's game.

First, Thierry Henry's "sending off."

Henry, who could be retiring at the end of the year, got a nice ovation from the Portland crowd as he came off for Landon Donovan, who announced his retirement today (some foreshadowing from Taylor Twellman, there).

Then, a few minutes later New York Red Bulls striker and golden boot leader Bradley Wright-Phillips evens things up with this strike...

Now let's just hope those two, and Tim Cahill, make it back to the team unscathed. However they intend to meet up with the squad.