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Now we start wheeling and dealing: Red Bulls shopping Convey, interest in Wright-Phillips is high

The transfer window has closed with the Red Bulls making no moves, but it looks like Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh is just starting to make some moves.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The lack of transfer activity on the New York Red Bulls' part -- for good or ill -- has caused more than a bit of hand-wringing from the fans.

It's a consolation prize, but it looks like Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh is going to start making moves, with, possibly, a move to be announced in the next week.

On the trading block? Bobby Convey, but according to Empire of Soccer's Dave Martinez interest is tepid "and that is putting it kindly."

Convey, simply, hasn't panned out for the Red Bulls. He was the leading helper for a horrendous Toronto FC side last year after joining from Sporting Kansas City. But he hasn't lived up to his pedigree this year, especially considering he's being paid $137,500 in base salary.

Meanwhile, Bradley Wright-Phillip's blooter in the All-Star Game against Bayern Munich Wednesday night has seemed to spark interest abroad, with a lot of teams reportedly taking a look at the striker.

It should be noted that just because the MLS transfer window is closed, doesn't mean he can't be sold abroad. So long as that country's transfer window is still open, a move can be made.

Losing Wright-Phillips, especially as the Red Bulls enter the jam-packed stretch run, would be a big mistake. But moving Convey -- along with the other moves Roxburgh is reportedly working on -- could be a step in the right direction for a team who's keeping a lot of salary (and not much skill) on the bench.

But again, losing Wright-Phillips: Big mistake.