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3 Thoughts: Red Bulls break through on 10 men D.C. United

The Red Bulls scored a 90th minute goal to secure a 1-0 victory over #1 in the East D.C. United.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Out-shooting opponents

Dan Dickinson had an interesting stat before today's match from the game guide.

Total Shots:

Shots on Goal:

  • New York: 5
  • D.C. United: 3
The most important stat: 1, the number of goals scored by the Red Bulls. Their record is now 2-2-1 at home when out-shooting opponents.

Close but no cigar

The last time the Red Bulls played D.C. United, they had many shots that either hit the posts or just went wide. They started this game the same way, and could have easily been up 5-0 very early in the game. This nearly cost them as Bill Hamid came up huge a few critical times in the 2nd half. This was the story this year for the Red Bulls against D.C. this year (and a microcosm of the season). Coming close but not finishing. Thankfully it didn't cost them today.

Bill Hamid

Bill Hamid almost single handily saved this game for United. He had a few critical second half saves to keep the Red Bulls off of the board. He finished with 4 saves on 5 shots on goal, but he couldn't stop the Lloyd Sam goal. In fairness to him, he was built into a bad position with how the ball fell to Sam.

Bonus Thought: At the death

Sam's goal came just on the edge of stoppage time. It looked like the Red Bulls were going to go 58 minutes (plus stoppage) of the game not being able to break through against a 10 man United. The goal was Sam's first since a 4-1 win over Columbus on July 12th, and it was huge. It led New York to it's second straight home win, and brought the team above a .500 record for the first time all year.