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Vote for Luis Robles: MLS Save of Week 27

The busiest man in Harrison is up for an award again, but only YOU can make it happen for him...

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

This was supposed to be a week for RBNY fans to just look away from the Save of the Week, because this was the week when Bill Hamid came to our stadium, faced up to our captain and did this:

And that is a helluva save. Certainly deserving of praise and to win this week's vote, except...well, it didn't make the shortlist. Instead, the league is offering five decent efforts, though none as extraordinary as Hamid's work.

On the bright side, Luis Robles is in the mix again! Vote for him here!

If you must consider the options (Hamid isn't one of them; your choices are a badly-taken penalty, a "save" of a shot that was probably going wide, a couple of not-as-hard-as-they-look gymnastic one-handers, or Robles), here they are:

Now, vote Robles!