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Vote for BWP: MLS Goal of Week 28

How many goals must he score before he wins one of these things?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another Red Bull in the running for a MLS accolade.

BWP's third goal of his third hat-trick of the season is a nominee for Goal of Week 28 - vote here.

If you need a little help deciding, consider the following synopses:

- Jose Mari's goal was a fluke.

- Joao Plata's was a hit-and-hope effort of the sort we see most weeks.

- Luis Silva's was the twin of Federico Higuain's, which didn't make the shortlist. How good is a goal if its twin can't make the same list?

- Diego Valeri's is the twin of BWP's. For real: cross from the left, one-touch volley to goal. The difference? BWP plays for RBNY.

Vote for RBNY. Vote for Bradley Wright-Phillips.

It's that simple. Or, if you must, have a look for yourself:

Now vote for BWP. Please. He seems like the sort of man who would encourage good manners.

Vote for BWP, please.