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Vote for Luis Robles: MLS Save of Week 28

He almost won last week. Can we vote him to victory this week?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Vote Robles!

I know what you're thinking: don't we try this every week? You're not too far from the truth. Robles has been nominated for this particular prize for four of the last five weeks.

In Week 24, Luis Robles was nominated for Save of the Week: he finished third in a tight race (Robles got 23.27% of the vote; Clint Irwin won with a 24.577% share).

In Week 26, Robles lost out to Jon Busch, finishing second with a 24.28% share of the vote to Busch's 33.96%.  In Week 27, Robles was edged out by less than a percentage point: TFC's Joe Bendik took a 31.63% share, nudging past Robles's 30.79%.

You see the pattern? He's getting closer: from third to second to...less than a percentage point.

The New York Red Bulls' 'keeper was also nominated in Week 8 (second to Tally Hall), Week 9 (third behind Eric Kronberg), Week 14 (last in a vote won by Dan Kennedy), and Week 19 (second to Steve Clark).

Eighth time lucky? Make it so here.

If you need further encouragement, check out the nominees:

He's up for a double save! Like the one that won last week! Vote Robles! Twice!