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MLS announces playoff dates

The Red Bulls, if they make the playoffs, know roughly when they will play.

Ed Zurga

Major League Soccer today announced the dates for the 2014 MLS Cup Playoffs. The first round ("Conference Knockout Round"), will take place on October 29-30, with one game happening each day. After that, the playoffs will fall on weekends without any midweek games unlike previous seasons.

  • Conference Semifinals
    • Leg 1: Nov 1-2
    • Leg 2: Nov 8-9
  • Conference Finals
  • MLS Cup Final
    • Dec 7, 3 pm Eastern

So, how does this shake out for the New York Red Bulls? They current sit fourth in the East. Assuming they stay there, here's how their schedule might would look. This is assuming the East plays the second "Knockout" game as the West had the second last year.

  • Knockout: Oct 30 vs #5 seed (4th seed hosts)
  • Conference Semifinals Leg 1: Nov 2 vs #1 seed
    • Lower seed hosts first
    • Because of playing the second Knockout game, they get the second match day of the round
  • Conference Semifinals Leg 2: Nov 8 @ #1 Seed
  • Conference Finals Leg 1: Nov 23 vs #2/3 Seed (this is an assumption on the date)
  • Conference Finals Leg 2: Nov 29 @ #2/3 Seed
  • MLS Cup: Dec 7 @ West Champ (Red Bulls trail most Western teams in standings)

Anyone up for an early December road trip?