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New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch says Jozy Altidore deal isn't done yet; internet says different

Oh, Jesse...

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

On the afternoon of January 15, MLS had its SuperDraft, the most splendid of all the drafts (and MLS should know because MLS has a lot of drafts).

The New York Red Bulls selected two players - Leo Stolz and Stefano Bonomo - and Once A Metro's Jason Iapicco was there to hear what he had to say about them. But we'll get to that in another piece, because Jesse Marsch also took a moment to say something about Jozy Altidore:

You know, listen, it's not done yet, but if we weren't able to seal the deal on that, and he winds up going somewhere else, then that would be disappointing because I know Jozy personally and I know what he'd mean to our club.

Interesting. In part because news broke the day before the draft that Altidore's fate is sealed: he's a Toronto FC player.

And that news was advanced today: TFC will make the official announcement on Friday.

And while everyone was busy drafting in Philly -- pretty much around the time Marsch was offering his up-to-the-minute take on the biggest transfer deal on RBNY's radar (as far as we know) --  some member of TFC's social media crew was hanging around Toronto's airport.

And someone has been playing around with TFC's Facebook page:

So, Jesse, if you have a moment, that question again: what's up with the Altidore deal?