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Bulls Abroad: How to Watch Australia vs South Korea in Asian Cup 2015

The Socceroos' group stage finale should be a good one...

Daniel Munoz/Getty Images

Tim Cahill's had another busy few days. He captained his country to a 4-0 win over Oman in Asian Cup that guaranteed the Socceroos a place in the next round of the tournament. He kicked a soccer ball to his son in a manner that managed to go viral on the internet.

And he finished third in Professional Footballers Australia's Player of the Year voting (Mile Jedinak won the award). He may also have had a moment to consider the news that the new head coach of the team that he is currently contract to, the New York Red Bulls, is of the belief that he'll be turning up for pre-season once available. (Note to Jesse Marsch: Asian Cup ends on January 31, and Australia is very much hoping to be busy right up until the final.)

In the immediate future, Cahill has another soccer match to play, against South Korea on January 17.

The Taeguk Warriors are also qualified for the quarterfinals, courtesy of a pair of 1-0 wins over Oman and Kuwait. 23-year-old Nam Tae-Hee scored the winner against Kuwait.

Australia and South Korea will effectively have a playoff to see who wins Group A of Asian Cup 2015. A draw would be enough to see Australia through as the group winner, though that may be a mixed blessing.

The Group A teams will face opponents from Group B in the next round. Prior to the tournament, it was assumed that would be Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia, but China has shown unexpectedly good form and beaten both those teams. It will play North Korea in its group stage finale, a game it is expected to win to finish as the winner of Group B.

That means the second-place team in Group B will be either Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia, either a tougher opponent on paper than China. So the top team in Group A might end up with a trickier quarterfinal, though of course China's impressive form does mean a re-evaluation of its capabilities is in order.

The Socceroos won't care to much who they play in the quarterfinals. They are playing on home soil in a major tournament: they want to win every game. This one, against South Korea, is the first one they will play in this competition in which they are not considered a clear favorite. It will be an important test.

Asian Cup 2015 - January 17 - Australia vs. South Korea

Start Time: 4:00 am (Eastern)

TV: One World Sports (USA)

Repeats: 12:00 pm, 7:00 pm

Other: list of broadcasting rights holders