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Robin Fraser speaks.

The club's former assistant coach discusses the town hall meeting and his departure.

These were happier days.
These were happier days.
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Robin Fraser was the yin to Mike Petke's yang. Petke was the heart and Fraser was the head. Petke was the noise and Fraser was the funk. Petke was the guitar and Fraser was the bass. Petke was Rivers Cuomo and Fraser was Matt Sharp. Petke was the-

"We get it."


Anyway, Kurtis Larson of the Toronto Sun spoke with Fraser and got his opinion on recent happenings at the Red Bulls.

The Town Hall

"It seemed like it started out of hand. I listened to a little of it. I was curious as to what they were hoping to accomplish. The fans loved Mike. It's kind of a blue-collar area... For them, it was like one of them taking their team and doing well with it."

On Petke's Firing

"I didn't see it coming. I was as surprised as anyone else. In pro sports, you feel like if you have success you'll continue to be employed... Clearly, that's not always the case."

Taking the Job with Toronto

"It was about my contract being up and I had to make choices as to who was going to make a better offer. I felt like this was a project that was unfolding into something. In New York, I wasn't offered the same security."

Fraser joined the Red Bulls as an assistant coach for two years after being fired from his head coach position at Chivas USA. He was offered a one-year contract extension by the Red Bulls following the 2014 season. His most notable impact on the club was his suggestion to move Peguy Luyindula from a striker to a midfielder, a move that paid immediate dividends and was widely credited as being the impetus behind the club winning the Supporters' Shield in 2013.