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Report: Andrew Jean-Baptiste seems to think Andrew Jean-Baptiste has been signed by New York Red Bulls

Fuel to the AJB-to-RBNY rumor fire?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Can we call a tweet of a retweet a "report"? Sure we can.

An eagle-eyed Twitter investigator and New York Red Bulls' fan spotted that alleged-RBNY target Andrew Jean-Baptiste has taken to retweeting his own transfer rumors:

It's the age-old question: are retweets endorsements? We'll find out soon enough.

And if AJB is heading to Harrison, this little episode would appear to prove Lester Townsend's point: we have reached the point where RBNY's could-be or wannabe players are having to get their hands dirty by promoting their own leaks about themselves. (In fairness, the sources maligned by Mr. Townsend have been working hard since he called them out.)

Welcome, AJB. Or not. Either way, thanks for helping us while away the off-season.

And for embracing what is increasingly looking like RBNY's philosophy for 2015.