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Felipe Martins is sending mixed messages on Twitter, or quite possiby not sending messages at all

Over-analyzing the activities of professional soccer players on Twitter is rapidly becoming a hallmark of this off-season...

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Not every twenty-something in a big city has the luxury of spending a Friday night out on the town. Some have to work weekends. Professional soccer players, for example.

Montreal Impact opened training camp for the 2015 MLS season on January 23. No surprise then that some of the team's players opted for a quiet night in: maybe watching a little TV, maybe tooling around online, maybe fixing a Twitter bio.

Hmmm. Felipe Martins, currently assumed to be a 24-year-old professional soccer player for the Montreal Impact has apparently nixed the Montreal Impact part of that description.

Why would a site devoted to the New York Red Bulls care what Felipe does to his Twitter bio on a Friday night? Because he is rumored to be on the other side of a trade that would send Ambroise Oyongo to Montreal.

Still, freshening up an online profile is hardly any kind of proof of a move to New York. Though it would appear he was once the sort of man who proudly flew his employer's colors on Twitter.

Does the deletion of a few words from a Twitter bio lend credence to a rumor? Of course n...

Oh. He added some words. Still, no biggie. Doubt he even noticed the conversa...

Ok. Maybe he did notice. Maybe he didn't.

We're watching you, Felipe. You think we'd have something better to do with our Friday nights, but if you're spending them on Twitter, then so are we.