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Bradley Wright-Phillips Media Day Quotes

You had the CliffsNotes, here's what the Englishman actually said.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Wright-Phillips attended Media Day earlier this week, and we reported on some of the things that were said. Once a Metro has since gotten hold of the full audio from the interview, and we're going to share some direct quotes from BWP's interview.

About the media reaction to his chasing the MLS goal scoring record compared to how Chris Wondolowski's run was covered.

I just want to score more goals, win games, and go on the sofa and sleep.

About why he decided to stay with the New York Red Bulls.

I said that before I was scoring goals, you know, as soon as I came here, the first two weeks I was training; I didn't want to go back and it's just a nice place to play football.

About Mike Petke being fired.

That's football man. The amount of players I've played with that have been cut and I aint seen them since, that's just how it goes.

About the expectations of BWP in 2015.

Hopefully they ask nothing more. I had an interview before the end of the season, and I told them don't expect any wonders. You're going to get what you get from me last season. I don't go into a game without, you know, running hard, working hard, trying to score goals. That's exactly what I did this season. If they're expecting something more, they will be disappointed. I can let you know that now. You're expecting me to be Thierry Henry, you will be disappointed. If you just know that I'm going to go out and work hard, you'll be happy.

On if he'll start a fight to kick off a NY Derby.

I'm not very big, I'll get someone bigger. I'll get someone who can fight like Ibrahim (Sekagya) or someone to start it.

About how much he learned from Thierry Henry

A lot, I actually thought I was decent at football until I came here and I had conversations with him, and he would be like ‘why did you do that when you should have done that?' When you think about it, oh my god yea, it makes so much more sense.