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Rumor: Miazga Training with Leipzig in Qatar?

Is the young Red Bulls center back on the move?

Will Miazga be with New York in 2015?
Will Miazga be with New York in 2015?
Corky Trewin-USA TODAY Sports

Remember all of that talk from Jesse Marsch, Marc de Grandpre, and Ali Curtis about synergy across the Red Bull soccer/football umbrella? Guido Schäfer of Sports Buzzer is reporting that Matt Miazga was seen at the Doha airport and will participate in training with Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig.

(Leipzig) RB Leipzig is in search of a tall central defender, the heads and kick can find anything. On Sunday, a certain Matthew Miazga floated on the Doha airport, became hurried to the RB team hotel "The Torch" and will participate in the training as early as Monday.

Full disclosure: I don't speak German, so I ran the article through Google Translate.

Jesse Marsch and Ali Curtis were also in Qatar.

I'm not going to pretend to know if Schäfer is legitimate or if this is real news. This could be a training, a loan, a transfer, a fake rumor, or even the beginning of the universe coming apart. Who is Guido Schäfer? Who am I? Who are you?