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Report: Ralf Rangnick is still suggesting Matt Miazga is competing for a contract in Qatar

Uncle Ralf is talking about Matt Miazga again...

Karina Hessland/Getty Images

The New York Red Bulls may want to have a quiet word with Ralf Rangnick, sporting director of Red Bulls Leipzig and Salzburg. Better yet, go on the record - like Uncle Ralf.

Yesterday, Rangnick was quoted as saying Matt Miazga could be signed up by RB Leipzig if he proved able to meet the teams "immediate needs". RBNY slapped that down quickly via anonymous source to's Kristian Dyer: not a trial, not a transfer, just training. Great.

Today (January 26), Rangnick is quoted in Bild: "Matt has got to show what he's got. Then we talk about a contract." And he appears to imply Miazga could stay on to train with Salzburg (scheduled to leave Qatar on February 2) if nothing is worked out before Leipzig finishes up its mid-winter conditioning (the team's website suggests the 2. Bundesliga outfit will return home on January 29).

Rangnick also seems to be suggesting Miazga could end up with either Leipzig or Salzburg, which is the difference between chasing promotion in Germany and hunting down Champions League football in Austria (Salzburg is currently eight points clear at the top of the Austrian Bundesliga).

The idea that Matt Miazga, a talented but very much still developing center back with around 500 minutes of MLS playing time to his name, could be on the verge of jumping into a Champions League-bound squad (and one still in this season's Europa League) in mid-season form seems preposterous. Leipzig, however, has had an eye on Miazga since at least 2013.

Rangnick of course has his own fans to appease. He might well be talking complete nonsense, just to keep supporters interested and his teams in the news while they tinker with their tactics out of sight in Qatar.

It's not a bad strategy, RBNY: on-the-record chat about on-the-field issues. You might want to try it out, maybe starting with a quick, official, word about why the sporting director of Brother Salzburg and Cousin Leipzig seems intent on contradicting you.

As for Miazga, he is expected to participate in an upcoming friendly between the two Red Bull teams allegedly evaluating his potential. This rumor (at least the part of it suggesting he could move NOW) likely lives or dies on his contribution to that match, scheduled for around 10:30 am (Eastern) on January 27.