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Bulls Abroad: Santiago Castano gets a tattoo, will learn Colombia U-20 fate on January 6

Catching up with Santiago Castano...

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls' homegrown goalkeeper Santiago Castano has spent most of December in the Colombia U-20 team's training camp for the 2015 South American Youth Football Championship, which kicks off on January 14.

We haven't heard a great deal from Castano since it was announced that he had declined a call-up by the US U-20 team in favor of taking  his chance to play for the country of his parents' birth. This is to be expected: the camp has been pretty intense, with brief breaks for Christmas...

Feliz Navidad!

A photo posted by Santiago Castaño (@santipc43) on

...and New Year.


A photo posted by Santiago Castaño (@santipc43) on

On social media at least, that is pretty much all we've heard from Castano since he joined the training camp in Colombia.

He is one of 26 players in the pre-tournament training group. That number will be cut to 23 on January 6, and those lucky 23 will comprise the team that heads to Uruguay to try to defend Colombia's Sudamericano U-20 title (it won the 2013 edition of the tournament).

Castano, for his part, has posted a picture of himself getting tattooed on Instagram.

A photo posted by Santiago Castaño (@santipc43) on

This seems odd preparation for a player who should be hoping to be on a plane in about a week, and presumably has several days of intense training ahead of him. But each to his own (and the picture - and the tattoo - is not necessarily fresh).

We'll learn if Castano will be among the Red Bulls on international duty this January on Tuesday.