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Confirmed: Steven Gerrard signed by LA Galaxy

Confirmation of a transfer brings additional reason to believe in some rumors that hit much closer to RBNY fans' hearts than the presence or absence of a Liverpool legend in the Red Bulls' squad...

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

In the half-light of the post-apocalyptic morning that Red Bulls' fans shall forever recall as the day it became inescapably clear their beloved club is in need of psychiatric attention, a little news dropped about the future employment of a man from Liverpool.

Bruce Arena has confirmed Steven Gerrard's transfer to LA Galaxy via comments made in a interview with the LA TImes: "Steven Gerrard arrives in July and by then we will certainly have a plan available," is the quote making all the (other) papers.

"A plan": that thing teams capable of coherent thought and sustaining ambition for longer than a lunch hour seem so prone to creating. Dodged a bullet there, RBNY.

But I digress...

If Arena is casually dropping Gerrard's name in conversation, formal confirmation from the Galaxy cannot be far behind. The news crosses Stevie G off the list of New York Red Bulls' transfer targets - a list he was never on to begin with, according to reporting by Kristian Dyer.

And that is the real relevance to RBNY in this transfer rumor that only ever briefly seemed germane to the Red Bulls: it is confirmation of the word of one of Kristian Dyer's sources (in the sense that we have heard not a peep about RBNY chasing after Gerrard from any substantive source since it was confirmed that he was leaving Liverpool).

And since then, Dyer's sources have told him Robin Fraser is leaving RBNY and Mike Petke has been fired.

We're still waiting for confirmation of those two pieces of information. Sadly, recent events suggest Kristian Dyer is talking to all the right people about what is happening in Harrison.