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Bulls Abroad: How to watch Australia vs. Kuwait in Asian Cup 2015

Tim Cahill is in action on Friday morning. Here's how to see him play without flying to Australia...

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

The first kick of the 2015 Asian Cup is coming up am (Eastern) on January 9.

And although the New York Red Bulls of may not be nearly as secure in their positions today as they were assumed to be yesterday, with the club lurching into the brave new world of embracing the Curtis/Marsch Energy Drink manifesto, the Asian Cup is a tournament that contains a player who is - for the time being - still part of RBNY: Tim Cahill.

Australia will launch its campaign to be crowned soccer champions of Asia against Kuwait, on paper the weakest of their Group A opponents.

This is the very first game of the tournament, so both sides have all to play for; Australia is the heavy favorite; Kuwait prepared for this match by being escorted away from an abandoned friendly with United Arab Emirates.

Asian Cup 2015 - January 9 - Australia vs Kuwait

Start Time: 4:00 am (Eastern)

TV: One World Sports (USA)

Repeats: 12:00 pm; 7:00 pm

Online: doesn't look like US-based streamers have an option...have a crack at (subscription)

Radio: the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has the Australian radio rights

Other: a list of broadcasting rights holders around the world