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New York Red Bulls fans start IndieGoGo campaign to fund Petke protest

And you thought this was all going to blow over with the help of a few vodka-tonics...

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Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New York Red Bulls fans - at least that portion of them who frequent social media channels - are generally unimpressed by the club's decision to fire head coach Mike Petke.

This is, for the most part, not fueled by any animosity against new Sporting Director Ali Curtis (except for the fact that he is the man who did the firing) or former-MLS-analyst-turned-beverage-enthusiast-and-RBNY-head-coach Jesse Marsch. It is simply the what happens to disbelief after it has had time to mix with a sense of injustice: it curdles into rage.

There are a few things sports fans are generally good at: the snap judgment, keeping a regular weekend appointment with a stadium or TV channel, and making signs and banners. The latter isn't really part of the job description, but it is a time-honored method for expressing the joy, anger and various other emotions that come along with devoting your spare time to sports.

Give people sufficient time and resources to express themselves in any medium, and they'll get quite good at it:

No surprise that aggrieved fans are thinking of letting RBNY know how they feel with a banner or two. But one particular group has a grander ambition than simply holding up a sign for some part of 90 minutes in March (which will happen also - count on it): they're thinking about a billboard. On route 280 (one of the approaches to Red Bull Arena). For a month.

The campaign needs $3,200 to get itself off the ground, and there is scope to contribute design ideas as well.

Find out more here.