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Rumor: AC Milan eyeing move for Sebastian Giovinco on loan

The rumor mill is going to have some fun with Giovinco over the next few months.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Sebastian Giovinco occupies a special place in the rumor mill's heart: his big money transfer to MLS isn't just the primary reason we now see almost every discontented Italian footballer linked to a move to North America, it is also the reason (the rumor mill would like to think) we should believe in these stories.

Unsurprising, therefore that Giovinco should feature in a transfer rumor or two: it's the rumor mill's way of thanking him for his services to the cause of gossip-mongering agents and club executives everywhere (but mostly in Italy).

There is, of course, another reason for Giovinco to be attracting attention: he has had an excellent debut season in MLS. He arrived at Toronto FC because he was offered a great deal of money and because he had become a makeweight at Juventus, where he was once regarded as the natural successor to Alessandro Del Piero. As the MLS regular season draws to a close, Giovinco is the prohibitive favorite to win the league's MVP award and also seems certain win its Golden Boot. And he has won back his place in the Italian national team.

Giovinco is hot right now, and the rumor mill has noticed. Recently, he has been linked to BarcelonaLiverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. He has batted away these rumors, so perhaps he will knock down the latest one: reports Milan is monitoring the Italy international, not for a permanent transfer but for a loan during the MLS off-season.

The suggestion is the player would benefit from the experience as it would keep him fit and occupied during the four or five months without competitive play that lies ahead once TFC's debut in the MLS playoffs is concluded. He has made back into his national team and he would surely like to stay there. Italy manager Antonio Conte has to pick a squad for Euro 2016 this summer. if Giovinco wants to be in it, perhaps he ought to keep himself on Conte's radar with a stint in Serie A.

Perhaps. It is also true Giovinco put himself on Conte's radar with his play in MLS. Maybe his profile doesn't need a boost from Serie A.

Certainly, he won't be going anywhere until TFC's playoff run is over and he has had some chance for a rest. But the rumor mill is fond of Giovinco, and this is surely not the last time we will hear his name mentioned in the context of a move - temporary or permanent - away from Toronto.