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Rumor of New York Red Bulls selling sparks up, again

Ugh, this again...

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

There's a saying for people in the corporate world, "always be looking". It means don't settle for your current job, always look for something better. In the business world, it's probably something like "always make money". I mean, let's be real, most of us, in the position of owning a team, would probably take a load of cash from someone willing to buy said team. It's natural, we want more money because generally that means you have a more secure future. So it shouldn't be a shock to hear the rumor of the New York Red Bulls selling the team to pop up again.

While there was no direct mention of the Red Bulls, a Don Garber interview with Alam Khan of Sport360/Yahoo links comments Garber made with a sale of the team. Here's the relevant passage.

There could be more Gulf interest too with Qatar Sports Investment linked with a buy-out of the New York Red Bulls as well as buying into Formula One. Officials from the Qatar Stars League also talked with Garber at the Soccerex Global Convention last month about building links.

And he tells Sport360 exclusively: "The Qatar group has been looking at MLS, as they have been looking at America as a sports perspective for many years. But right now we are very focused on our relationship with Abu Dhabi and Man City."

Will this translate into anything? Maybe, maybe not. With the recent news of the Red Bulls sshopping around for stadium naming rights though, one could (in theory) say the team is looking to pad it's financials to look better for potential suitors. Of course, that idea is just as contentious as the link made in the story by Khan, but again, speculation knows no bounds.