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If RBNY players bought stocks with their salaries

Now, if the stock market wasn't such a bad place to actually invest money...

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Back in July, we looked at the New York Red Bulls' players and how they compared to stocks from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Today we're revisiting the idea, but with a new twist. If the players could use their salary to buy their associated stocks from July, how many shares could they buy? For this, we used stock quotes from Google Finance, and only for the players we looked at last time. We also used the 2015 Guaranteed Compensation from September as the cash reserve they can work with. Here's the results.

Player Market Symbol 10/21/2015 2015 Salary # of Shares
Anatole Abang NYSE AA $9.25 $50,000.00 5405
Bradley Wright-Phillips NYSE BWP $12.72 $660,000.00 51886
Chris Duvall NYSE DCM $18.92 $60,000.00 3171
Damien Perrinelle NYSE PDM $19.61 $132,000.00 6731
Dax McCarty NYSE DMD $4.52 $262,500.00 58075
Felipe Martins NYSE MFM $6.45 $207,500.00 32170
Kemar Lawrence NYSE DKL $34.27 $60,000.00 1750
Lloyd Sam NYSE SAM $255.52 $240,000.00 939
Luis Robles NYSE RL $116.50 $151,375.00 1299
Matt Miazga NYSE MM $1.75 $74,500.00 42571
Mike Grella NYSE MG $18.82 $60,000.00 3188
Ronald Zubar NASDAQ ZU $17.40 $320,000.00 18390
Roy Miller NYSE RM $16.25 $200,000.00 12307
Sacha Kljestan NYSE KS $19.05 $537,500.00 28215
Sal Zizzo NASDAQ SAL $29.75 $94,895.00 3189
Sean Davis NYSE SD $0.39 $97,500.00 253246

CEO: Sean Davis

Davis, due to the penny stock nature of SD can purchase 253,246 shares (no one else can break 100,000). Not bad for a $97,5000 investment. If the stock goes to $0.78, then Davis can double his investment. There's a lot of room for growth when you are near rock bottom.

Small Time Shareholder: Lloyd Sam

It's hard to buy a lot of shares of a company when each share costs $255.52. Sam should be good for some more in the future though.

Bradley Wright-Phillips: Thrifty

With the highest amount of money to work with ($660,000) to work with and a cost of $12.72 per share, he's not breaking the bank to get in on the action.

Think these are some smart investments? Let is know in the comments.