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I'm fine with deep dish pizza (Important message before today's New York Red Bulls match against the Chicago Fire)

Seriously, give it a shot.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

"It's not really pizza, it's a casserole."

Okay, dude. But then you're also claiming that thin crust pizza (yuck) is just tomato sauce on a cracker.

The fact is, pizza is good whether it's deep dish or that abomination known as St. Louis-style pizza. And what's more, I love deep dish. Sure, it's a bit of a casserole and you can't really eat with your hands - although lord knows I try - but it's more of what you love. More sauce, more cheese, more crust. This is America. We love gluttony. We love more. And the deep dish pizza, with its cascading masses of cheese, sauce, and whatever meat you may favor, is America.

So feel free to hate the Chicago Fire today when they take on the New York Red Bulls. Curse their team, hate them for 90 minutes, mock them for having a stadium further away from Chicago than Red Bull Arena is from New York City, but please, for me, leave the delicious deep dish pizza out of it.

Take it away, girls!