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Once A Metro Productions re-presents: Red Bulls' Day Off

Twist and Shout? In Chicago? Yes. Yes, please.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Some things are so good they need to be seen twice. Or three times. Or as many times as you want, with the volume as loud as it will go. Because the New York Red Bulls won the Supporters' Shield. In Chicago: the place they were finding new and ingenious ways not to win as recently as this summer.

Speaking of this summer, that is when friend and video-making wunderkind JasonRBNY made this number. You may have seen it before. I hope you have seen it before, because it was a lot of fun when it dropped as a preview to RBNY's first (futile) trek to Chicago this season. Now is a good time to watch it again.

Curiously, it is even more fun now. Even more relevant now. It isn't every day something made at one time for one purpose stumbles into a new and better context. And that warrants a re-post. This way of thinking appears to have escaped our friends over at r/MLS, whose moderators reportedly spiked this video almost as soon as it was posted in the aftermath of the Red Bulls' comfortable-then-excruciating march through 90 minutes in Chicago.

Each to their own. We are not here to tell r/MLS how to curate itself. RBNY just won a trophy. RBNY just won the league. We are here to Twist and Shout.