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Chicago Fire vs New York Red Bulls: Highlights, Stats, Quotes




Scoring Summary:

- NY - Bradley Wright-Phillips (17) (Sacha Kljestan, Sal Zizzo) 8'

- NY - Sacha Kljestan (Penalty Kick) (8) 35'

- CHI - Gilberto (5) (Patrick Nyarko, Patrick Doody) 78'

Misconduct Summary:

- CHI - Matt Polster (caution, foul) 71'

- CHI - Jeff Larentowicz (caution, foul) 74'

New York Red Bulls

Luis Robles; Kemar Lawrence, Damien Perrinelle, Matt Miazga, Sal Zizzo, Dax McCarty ©, Felipe, Mike Grella (Gonzalo Veron, 67'), Sacha Kljestan, Lloyd Sam (Shaun Wright-Phillips, 75'), Bradley Wright-Phillips (Ronald Zubar, 84')


Chicago Fire

Alec Kann; Matt Polster, Jeff Larentowicz ©, Chris Ritter (Daneil Cyrus, 21'), Patrick Doody, Patrick Nyarko, Razvan Cocis, Matt Watson (Kennedy Igboananike, 84'), Joevin Jones (David Accam, 57'), Harry Shipp, Gilberto



New York Red Bulls Head Coach Jesse Marsch

On the season:

"I think that this group deserves the Supporters' Shield. I think that in a lot of ways they were the best team throughout the season, they showed that I think, game in and game out. Obviously the points add up to mean that we're there. So I'm happy for them to reach this achievement. I said on television, 'in life you don't always get what you deserve', but here I think they got what they deserve. Now the key is to know that moving forward the next month, we all start from scratch. And actually what it may mean is, we have an even bigger target on our backs. We have to enjoy tonight but absolutely be ready for Monday morning, because it's back to business.

On tonight's match:

"They stepped on the field in the first half and really went after it. I thought on the road, to set the tone like that, and obviously to get the two-zero lead, it showed their character in a pressure packed moment. In the second half, you have to give Chicago credit because they now knew they had to push, they pushed really hard and in the end, they scored a goal and we're holding on a little bit for dear life. But that final whistle couldn't have come early enough, but we still did enough today to get the win."

On the team celebrating here in Chicago after getting their first win here:

"It's a great celebration for our club and our team with everything that's gone on in the past 10 months. There's been a sense on the inside that despite what everyone wanted to say about our group and our team, that there was something special happening here. We have to continue to honor it for the next month. But you know a lot of these guys wanted to prove that it wasn't about Thierry Henry, it wasn't about whatever was going on in the offseason. There was talent here and they believed in themselves and they believed in each other and they put it all together for a pretty complete season. So again, we start from scratch. We start from scratch come Monday."

On the importance of getting off to a fast start in tonight's match:

"Yes, really important. Not just by getting the goals, but by setting the tone for what the pace of the game was like. Their goalkeeper got put under quick and we were a little bit unlucky to not get another goal, not sure if that goal was offside. But yes, getting a two-zero lead on the road in a pressure packed moment like this was big. We gave ourselves a little bit of cushion, but took it away in the 80th minute but hung on. That, and coincidentally that's about the same time I heard that Dallas made it 2-1. They were on the field starting to ask so everyone was feeling it but they hung in there and ultimately got the three points."

New York Red Bulls Forward Bradley Wright-Phillips

On the importance of getting an early goal:

"Yes, it was very important. Not just for the result, but for the nerves. Everyone knows how big the occasion was, and we just wanted to start well. Not even get a goal, but start well. Let them know why we're here; it worked out well."

On securing the Supporters' Shield:

"It's very special. Because you know at the beginning of the season, even when I remember back to when I was in London in the offseason, I just heard nothing but negative press. What we're going to do about so-called players and we managed to use that as our fuel. This isn't everything but this is a big part of history for us. I'm proud of the boys, every one of them."

On tying a record for goals in a consecutive seasons:

"I didn't know that. I'm happy with that. I've always told my [goals] were at the end of the regular season, it might sound like a lie, but I wanted 17 goals. I wanted one in every two [games]. A one in two ratio. That's what I aim for. I've kind of given that away for next season. I wanted a one in two, and that's what I wanted. So I'm happy, I'm happy. On to the playoffs."

On being a more complete player:

"Last season I obviously scored a bag full of goals but I wasn't happy with my all around play. It's something I wanted to work on. But during the offseason I wanted to bring to my game, I wanted more assists. I don't know what I have this season but I still feel like it wasn't enough. I want to keep adding to my game. Just be the best I can be for the Red Bulls."

On the keys for the Red Bulls in the playoffs:

"I think it comes down to being clinical. Just eliminate any mistakes. Try not to make any mistakes. I think in our team we are always going to score. They create chances. I think if we can stay in the game, we have a good chance of winning the Cup."

New York Red Bulls Captain and Midfielder Dax McCarty

On the significance of securing a second Supporters' Shield in three years:

"It's huge. It's very significant. Obviously this one means a lot, just like the first one did. But I think this one, you know, for me, it's special for different reasons obviously than the first one, for sure. No one expecting much from us this year. A lot of people wrote us off in the beginning. A lot of people gave us no chance to be part of the post season, now we are here. Statistically speaking, we are the best team in the league after the regular season. It's a great feeling, and it's part of our goal setting for the year that's been accomplished. We have another big goal that's we are dreaming of now. Now we can forget the regular season and go on towards the playoffs. It's hard to put into words, but it means a lot to this group. We are like a family and it's a just reward for the way that we've played the season."

On getting a quick start to the game:

"It's always important. Always important, especially in a place perennially you don't play very well. We've never won here for a reason. Chicago always gives us a tough game. They literally never give us an easy game when we come here. Tonight was no different. It was nerve racking at the end, and the ball can go anywhere. Chicago has nothing to play for, so they have nothing to lose. They were just throwing everything at us. You just have to grind it out and make it ugly and try to get through it until the ref blows the whistle. And once he blows the whistle, it's a tremendous feeling."

On looking ahead to the playoffs:

"We just have to enjoy it tonight, enjoy the Shield tonight, and then move on. The playoffs is a totally different beast. A totally different animal. It's almost like a mini season. It's a single series you have. You have to be ready for whatever. I think I've learned in the playoffs just to expect the unexpected. Literally anything can happen in the playoffs. I think the team that is mentally ready for that, the teams that are mentally strong, and they teams that have each other's back usually come out on top in the playoffs. We just have to be ready to focus on each series that we play. Trying to be better and win the series."

On a message to the fans:

"To the fans that stuck by us when a lot of people wrote us off, thank you, this is for you. You guys deserve it. To the fans that maybe wrote us off in the beginning but now are back on the bandwagon, we welcome you back with open arms. I think it's a testament to the vision to this club, it's a testament to the vision of Ali Curtis and Jesse Marsch. Two guys that took a lot of heat early in the season, two guys that really put their necks out on the line when they made the decisions that they made. I think it's tough to argue that it hasn't paid off with the type of season they we've had. But the Shield means a little bit, but it doesn't mean very much if we don't take it to the post season and put forth a good honest effort to go win the MLS Cup. That's our next focus and our next goal, and we just hope the fans stick by us."