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Sky Blue protects all US and Australian International players in Expansion Draft

As a flurry of activity takes place a week before the draft, the Sky Blue protect a solid nucleus of players. Haagsma, Levin, Little and Hayes all available for Orlando.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

With the National Women's Soccer League's (NWSL) Expansion Draft set for Nov. 1, Sky Blue FC - along with the rest of the NWSL teams - handed in their protected list to the league.

Five international players --- including United States Women's National Team players' Christie Rampone and Kelley O'Hara - were protected. Other international stars on the protected list are Australian internationals Sam Kerr and Caitlin Food as well as Danish striker Nadia Nadim.

International players not protected are Canadian and former Rutgers striker Jonelle Filigno and Mexico's Monica Ocampo, who never returned to the team following the Women's World Cup.

Key players left unprotected are starters Hayley Haagsma and Cami Levin. Nikki Stanton, who was signed last week, Taylor Little and Maya Hayes all saw key time as well and were left unprotected.

The Orlando Pride can select up to two players from each team's unprotected list.

The full list of Sky Blue protected players are:

Cameron, Brittany - Goalkeeper
Foord, Caitlin - Defender
Freels, Katy - Midfielder
Kerr, Sam - Forward
Cutshall, Lindsi - Defender
Grubka, Kristin - Defender
Killion, Sarah - Midfielder
Nadim, Nadia - Forward
O'Hara, Kelley - Defender
Rampone, Christie - Defender

Unprotected players are:

Bledsoe, Aubrey - Goalkeeper
DeCesare, Kim - Midfielder
Filigno, Jonelle - Forward
Goodson, CoCo - Defender
Gordon, Shawna - Midfielder
Haagsma, Hayley - Midfielder
Hayes, Maya - Forward
Levin, Cami - Defender
Lytle, Taylor - Midfielder
Ocampo, Monica - Forward
Stanton, Nikki - Midfielder