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Five reasons D.C. is terrible

Seriously, I could've come up with more than 5, but I wanted to keep this short.

Molly Riley/Getty Images

5. Congress is there

Seriously, who elected these guys? They are always doing something stupid and spending money. If you want someone who can burn through money, why not just hire one person to start a bonfire instead of an additional 534?

4. Taxation without representation

D.C. is the only area in the country where you pay federal taxes but do not get a seat in federal government. Way to go fighting all that "taxation without representation".

3. Traffic

If I wanted to sit in a parking lot, I could to work. For all that money spent on the interstate highway station and withholding funds to raise the drinking age to 21, you think the roads would at least work.

2. Pick a state

The area defined as Washington D.C. takes part of Maryland and Virgina. D.C. is therefore straddling a state line. Just pick a state already and be done with it. No one likes a person, let alone a whole city, that can't make up its mind.

1. RFK is still there

RFK was one of the stadiums in the mullti-purpose craze of the 60s and 70s. It's also the worst of the bunch. One might say the old Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia would be because it had an actual jail in it, but let's face it, the Vet never dealt with racoons and falling concrete.

Why do you hate DC? Are you going to wear a hard hat on Sunday?