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Daylight Savings rollback means extra DC Hate

So much more time for activities.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Tonight, as Daylight Savings Time ends, we roll the clocks back one hour. Spring ahead, fall back, and all that you know. So make sure to set your clocks at some point. You don't want to miss that bus if you are heading down with the supporters. More importantly, it gives us an extra hour for the first Hate DC Week of the playoffs.

What should you do with that hour? Here are a few suggestions.

- Sleep: if you are like me, you'll need a good night's rest to really fill up your DC hate tanks.

- Party: today is Halloween after all, so if you are old enough, you'll be at a party. Make sure to be responsible. Any person with a D.C. United shirt of course gets a beverage bath.

- Play FIFA 16: Some of us just like seeing D.C. lose, mo matter what the venue. The popular video game isn't a bad choice.

What will you do with an extra hour of hating D.C? Let us know in the comments.