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Bulls Abroad: Kemar Lawrence (sort of) named to Jamaica squad for November World Cup qualifiers

We expect to him be playing for Jamaica in a couple of weeks, and so does the Jamaica Football Federation.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that Kemar Lawrence will be called up to play for his country when the latest round of CONCACAF qualifying for the 2018 World Cup kicks off in mid-November. reported as much about two weeks ago.

Still, we've seen the Jamaica Football Federation extend and retract call-ups in the past (next time, Speedy - also, congrats on the NYRB II contract renewal), and nothing is final until an official announcement is made.

We don't have an official roster yet from the JFF, but its official website has published a promo video for the Reggae Boyz upcoming home fixture against Panama, and further teased with a list of "nine members of the invited squad".

There are some problems with that list as of November 1: it has 21 names on it and two pictures of Darren Mattocks. But all that matters for the purposes of this report is Kemar Lawrence is featured prominently - named and pictured between the evidence for the JFF's apparent belief that Rodolph Austin and Mattocks are twins.

You've changed, Rodolph. (source:

You've changed, Rodolph. (source:

Not named or pictured is Bradley Wright-Phillips. The list is not - not yet, anyway - an official roster. As mentioned, it is not without some obvious inconsistencies and errors. So take it for what it is worth: the JFF is promoting Kemar Lawrence as part of Jamaica's next match, but BWP is not featured in the campaign to build enthusiasm and support for the national team's next outing.