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Welcome, Patrick Vieira

A note to the new NYCFC head coach

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

New York City FC has found its new head coach.

A week after questionably firing Jason Kreis (who honestly should be somewhere more worthwhile than the blue side of New York), NYCFC officially announced that Patrick Vieira would become the new head coach on a three year deal. A legend for Arsenal and France, Vieira certainly knows winning ways from his playing career, having three Premier League championships and a World Cup to his name.

We have already had one legendary Frenchman in New York. Thierry Henry's name will forever be up in lights at Red Bull Arena. Not just for the highlight reel goals (Olimpicos, bicycle kicks, and whatnot), but for bringing the first ever trophy home to Harrison. The arrival of Henry brought more success to the franchise in four years than it had manage in the previous fifteen. The question is, will Henry's fellow countryman  Patrick Vieira bring the same success to NYCFC?

The answer is a solid maybe. The winning formula in MLS is talented domestic youth mixed in with league veterans and a few foreign players. The acquisitions of aging stars like Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo show that City are a ways off that formula. With all respect to Vieira's coaching abilities, Major League Soccer is a different beast than any other league. Perhaps less advanced, but with distinct differences that have thrown off many foreign coaches and players at first. Vieira will need to learn the tricks of coaching a winning team in this league, a task that is far more difficult than it may appear.

Vieira could very well become a great coach and figurehead in MLS. He could very well make the rivalry with NYRB actually competitive. He could very well lead NYC to their first trophy during his time on the East Coast.

However, in order bring as much success to Yankee Stadium as a certain French striker brought to Red Bull Arena, Patrick Vieira has a lot of work to do.