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New MLS Playoff TV format may not win ratings, but it's awesome

Come on, this has been pretty awesome.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The execution of the 2015 MLS Playoffs TV format needs some work. Going up against a slate of NFL games for pretty much eight straight hours will not win any ratings battle. It's understandable though as ESPN and Fox Sports have college football games to carry, so Saturdays are out for the playoffs. However, I love this format for the playoffs!

Eight hours of MLS after European soccer in the morning? Yes please!

Eight hours of exciting playoff soccer? Yes please!

Yes, the way these games have played out has been a big factor in how the playoffs have been seen. Multiple games going down to Extra Time and Penalty Kicks will always make things more exciting.

The league will always have competition in terms of TV coverage. Their bargaining position in the television landscape isn't the best. They don't have the power to force the games onto broadcast television or break up a college football Saturday.

I think most of us will agree though, having all the playoffs games on the same day makes for some exciting television. Ratings be damned, I want the playoffs to be like this every year now.